Burlesque Fitness

Burlesque Fitness. Aims to provide you with a fun sassy class that focuses on building core strength while toning your whole body.

It is a new Dance exercise program that leaves you feeling confident, fit and toned. This specially designed class focuses on core strength and flexibility whilst indulging you in the thrill and adventure of the flirtatious Burlesque styled dance. In the class we take Burlesque dance moves and mix them up with fitness moves, chair work and resistance training.  Moves are adapted to each individual’s strength and ability so everyone can enjoy taking part. We use a variety of props to add fun to your workout.  These include; hats, feather boas and fans.  We also use chairs in our workout as both a prop and as an aid to the strengthening exercises.  

 At Dance Fit all of our classes promote self- acceptance, build confidence and support a positive body image.  We love our curves and encourage you to love, accept and use yours in all of our dance exercise classes.   The Burlesque Fitness class takes this ethos to a whole new level, that’s why we love it so much.   Burlesque dance is an amazing experience for any woman who wants to express themselves and feel sexy.  Age, shape, size or ability is no barrier to our classes.  We provide a fun, safe and relaxed learning environment where you can just be yourself, have fun and make friends.  So why not give Burlesque Fitness a go and try out a variety of moves and props with this glam workout; come and join us and enter the world of tease!  

Please note this class does NOT involve stripping!  Wear leggings and a T shirt with dance or training shoes and bring water.

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