50+ Dance Fitness

50+ Dance Fitness

50+ Dance Fitness is a dance exercise class which has been modified to suit the needs of ladies over 50 or those who are getting back into fitness after a long break, health issues or child birth.  Like a regular Dance Fitness class it provides a party like atmosphere set to Latin and International inspired music.  Its great fun and provides a full body workout.   So if you are young at heart; grew up dancing the twist, Cha-Cha or jive and want to exercise why not combine dance with exercise in this class while having great fun. Our ladies are really friendly, not only will you have fun and get fit you will meet new people and make friends.  Our ladies are all ages with our older lady being 86 – she aid dancing keeps her young!

The main differences between our regular Dance Fitness classes and the 50+ Dance fitness classes are:

It’s taught – The tutor teaches the participants during the class.  Steps are explained along with instructions about posture, muscle groups and direction

It’s Easier – we use slower rhythms so it’s easier to keep up.  You go at your own pace within your own capability

Its low impact – We have removed the jumps and twists to reduce the impact on the body and make the class suitable for everyone.  There is no impact on your joints


 The physiological benefits of the 50+ Dance Fitness class include;

Improved co-ordination and balance

Improved bone density

Improved Flexibility and range of motion

Improved posture

Improved muscular strength and endurance

Improved cardiovascular capacity

Improved motor control and performance

Improved cognitive function

Increased calorific expenditure –weight loss and control


The psychological benefits of Dance Fitness include;

Increased opportunities to dance, party and have a great time

Increased opportunity to make friends and social interaction

Enhanced self-esteem and general well-being

Enhanced quality of life

Enhanced relaxation

Reduced depression, stress and anxiety


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